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Cumberland plans to serve the new industrial park planned for Bevan Road.

The site contains most of the industrial land available in the Comox Valley and is being developed by the owners of Tree Island Yogurt for its new home. The village is working with the owners to develop other sites for businesses.

At the January 10 meeting, council received an update from staff on the implementation plan, including a proposed servicing study for the site, particularly with more land potentially available.

“This was a real cross-departmental project,” chief executive Clayton Postings told the council.

He noted that this is linked to other work the village is already undertaking, such as a master plan for transportation and a review of development cost changes, but staff wanted more information on plans for the area of Bevan, including an overview of the services needed.

“Basically we want to provide what the roadmap looks like,” he said. “It will just help, from a staff and hopefully council perspective, to understand what the next steps look like.”

Economic Development Officer Kaelin Chambers spoke about previous work around a concept plan and how to provide answers to developers. The maintenance plan, he said, would provide that information.

“This preliminary maintenance plan is going to give us those parts,” he said.

Development Services Manager Courtney Simpson added that the study will enable the village to get help from consultants to provide answers on services as well as other issues such as cost recovery tools. for infrastructure when development proposals are presented.

“It should be simpler and clearer,” she said. “Things should move smoother and faster.”

The Council raised questions on a number of topics, such as environmental and watershed protection, as well as better transport connectivity to the site.

One change since the project was proposed was the scale of potential services needed, which increased and indicated connection to water and possibly sewer rather than relying on well water and septic sites, although Operations Manager Rob Crisfield added that Bevan Road would form part of a liquid waste management study for several areas of the village.

“We will have to look at a number of areas in Cumberland, including Bevan Road,” he said. “Processing capabilities will be assessed through this report.”

The board passed a motion to approve the implementation plan, direct staff to bring back additional items not in current work plans, and approve up to $25,000 from the renewal reserve infrastructure assets to fund the site servicing study, as well as for staff to bring back a modification to the financial plan to account for the expense.

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