Coworking spaces on the rise as workers slowly return to the office

For many, the return to the office has been a bumpy one, with the rise of the delta variant forcing many large companies to delay employee returns.

An estimated 42% of Americans continue to work remotely, according to Flex Jobs. But some companies find collaboration and a hybrid schedule to be preferable, and are now investing in smaller public spaces.

One of those companies taking advantage of the new trend is Upflex. They created the “Safe Spaces” program, a global coworking network.

“It’s (being able) to choose a coworking space closer to home,” said Christophe Garnier, CEO of Upflex. “It allows you to get out of your house, but without having to travel to the office, which can sometimes take a long time.”

According to an industry estimate, the number of coworking spaces is expected to double over the next two years, from around 20,000 to over 40,000.

Garnier says co-working was already on the rise before the pandemic in an effort to improve work-life balance.

“Give the employee the choice and not force him to go to the office, not force him to stay at home, then give him the choice to do what he wants any day,” he said. -he declares.

Safe Spaces has hired an epidemiologist to help create protocols to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in public work environments.

Garnier says businesses, especially startups, like the idea of ​​co-working because it’s less of a commitment to real estate than traditional long-term office leases.

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