Clint Glade Quilt | 1963—2021 | A man of impeccable integrity

Clint Quilter, a man of impeccable integrity

Clint passed away on the morning of July 20, 2021. We have lost an amazing and loving husband, father, brother, uncle, co-worker, friend and trainer.

Clint was born on November 20, 1963 in Gunnison Valley near the town of Logan, Utah. He grew up in Tonopah, Nevada and graduated as a valedictorian from Tonopah High School and was a famous member of the Varsity “Muckers” basketball team. The Clints family went through a great tragedy as he lost his mother in a horrific car accident far too soon. He ended up in Logan, Utah, to study at Utah State University.

In the fall of 1989, Clint traveled to Hollister, California to officially begin his career in the public sector. Clint started out as a public works inspector, eventually became a Chartered Land Surveyor, Chartered Professional Engineer, and Hollister City Engineer. In just 14 years, Clint became the city manager of the Town of Hollister and held that title with honor for another 8 years during the Great Recession. In 2013, Clint was offered the opportunity to go east of the Sierras. He has always referred to Inyo County as “his home” since Bishop is where his family made their main purchases as a child. Starting his tenure with Inyo County as the Director of Public Works, he soon got the chance to become the county administrative officer. It was probably his dream job.

The list of Clints’ accomplishments in his professional life is endless. He has played a decisive role in the realization of numerous improvement projects and the implementation of several programs that have benefited the citizens and guests of our communities. He might tell you that constructing a building can be the easy part of the job, the hard part is dealing fairly with multiple personality types. The area Clint excelled in was bringing people together. He had the strange ability to achieve goals even when there were several different opinions on how to achieve them. He cared deeply for her advice and guidance and understood that they were essentially giving of their time, usually underpaid and underestimated, and he had genuine respect for them. At the same time, he understood that without those people who dedicate their lives to serving the public, he could never be successful. He made sure that everyone was valued and felt a part of all the achievements of the community. He was a real leader in that sense.

Besides reading, doing puzzles, playing trivia and poker, taking random walks, loving family animals, he really had a passion for basketball training. in high school. Clint briefly coached at Gilroy (rival Hollister) before bringing his Balers skills to Hollister and ultimately having the chance to coach the mighty Lady Golden Eagles at Lone Pine. Clint was a part of several CCS leagues and championships with both boys and girls teams. Let’s be honest, he loved winning, however, what he rewarded most was the ability to share his wisdom and experiences with the leaders of tomorrow. Clint has coached hundreds of child and student athletes. Whether these people realized it then, now, or in the future, let’s hope they recognize the chance to be in the presence of a man who was truly gifted in so many ways.

Clint was the first child of Gerald Glade and Karen Quilter. He is survived by his beloved wife Sheyanne, his son Jacob Waldt, his daughters Jessianne Joiner and Juanita Joseph and from a previous marriage sons Joshua Lemos, Christopher Petersen and David Petersen. His brother Brett Quilter, his sister-in-law Elke Quilter, his niece Cheyenne Quilter and his nephew Hayden Quilter.

Guests are invited to Tonopah Cemetery at 11:00 a.m. on July 31, 2021, with a reception and stories immediately following at Tonopah Convention Center 301 Brouger Ave. Tonopah, NV.

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