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At the June 21 regular council meeting, the District of Clearwater released the compensation and expenses paid to the mayor and council.

The highest position on the City Council during the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 was Mayor Merlin Blackwell. He received $21,880 in compensation, plus an additional $1,480 in expenses.

All other Board members received compensation of $11,745, with the exception of Councilors Lucy Taylor and Lynne Frizzle, who each received compensation of $10,995. Expenses ranged from $1,375 for the county. Shelley Sim at $29.79 for County. Lyle Mackenzie.

Total compensation for elected officials was $90,854, plus $4,597 in additional expenses.

Among the staff, general manager Leslie Groulx took home the highest salary, at $136,652. She also collected $1,957 in expenses.

Next was finance director Roxanne Shepherd, who received $104,200 in compensation and $4,122 in expenses.

Right behind was Recreational Facilities Manager Roger Mayer. His remuneration was $94,167 and his expenses were $3,158.

Public works utility operator Ken Green took home $82,959 in compensation while his expenses were $2,186.

Total compensation for all employees, including those earning $75,000 or less, was $1.3 million. Total personnel expenditures were $15,500.

The District Financial Information Statement (SOFI) can be found in the June 21 agenda on the DOC website.

TNRD Payroll and Expense Report

In the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, Mayor Merlin Blackwell raised $17,348 for acting as a Clearwater representative. The amount TNRD administrators are paid depends on the distance they have to travel, among other factors. Blackwell also collected $1,589 in expenses.

Carol Schaffer, TNRD’s Area A (Wells Gray Country) director, was paid $33,037 for her services, plus an additional $7,254 in expenses.

Area B (Thompson Headwaters) manager Stephen Quinn received $34,443 in compensation. His expenses last year were $9,080.

Total compensation paid to the TNRD Board of Directors was $611,612, plus $73,395 in additional expenses.

TNRD’s highest paid staff member was Administrative Director Scott Hildebrand. His pay was $211,463, plus he was reimbursed for an additional $1,988 in expenses and $44,828 in emergency response pay.

Sherri-Lyn Madden, the service coordinator for Areas A and B, reported $96,018 in compensation, plus $4,091 in expenses and $12,946 in emergency response compensation.

Total compensation for TNRD employees was $10.1 million, plus $109,099 in additional expenses.

The TRND SOFI can be found in the June 16 diary on the TNRD website.

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