City will collapse if workers don’t return to office, expert warns


The city’s infrastructure “will collapse” if workers do not start returning to the office, a city commentator warned Monday.

David Buik said staff need to get back to their desks to get the company “full blown.”

He made the comments when Boris Johnson was due to remove guidelines telling people to “work from home if you can.”

However, ministers should not launch a campaign to encourage staff returns and it will be up to employers and staff to decide.

Mr Buik described the town as “like a morgue” and said the infrastructure “will collapse” if people don’t start returning to the office.

He told Standard: “If all the sandwich shops close, it’s like a domino effect. All the restaurants close, all the bars close, the number of people out of work. All of a sudden you see three million unemployed.

He also told LBC: “Working from home is working pretty well three days a week or two days a week, but the point is, the company’s infrastructure is going to crumble.”

However, he said he was happy that some business leaders encouraged people to return to the office.

Last week, the Standard reported that Goldman Sachs described its offices, including its principal in London, as the “center of gravity.”

Richard Gnodde, international director of the bank, said: “We operate in a creative industry, which involves teams working together. Young bankers learn the trade by observing seniors.

The lack of a campaign to encourage people to return to the office will be a big disappointment for London business leaders who see a massive return to the office as essential for the capital’s takeover. However, the ministers consider that it is impossible to establish “one size fits all” rules.

Meanwhile, officials are not invited to return to their office in Whitehall this summer.

Some ministers have privately voiced their displeasure that their officials will only be called to work in the office four days a month starting in September, rising to eight days a month next year.

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