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For many, the return to the office has been a bumpy one, with the rise of the delta variant forcing many large companies to delay employee returns.

An estimated 42% of Americans continue to work remotely, according to Flex Jobs. But some companies find collaboration and a hybrid schedule to be preferable, and are now investing in smaller public spaces.

One of those companies taking advantage of the new trend is Upflex. They created the “Safe Spaces” program, a global coworking network.

“It’s (being able) to choose a coworking space closer to home,” said Christophe Garnier, CEO of Upflex. “It allows you to get out of your house, but without having to travel to the office, which can sometimes take a long time.”

According to an industry estimate, the number of coworking spaces is expected to double over the next two years, from around 20,000 to over 40,000.

Garnier says co-working was already on the rise before the pandemic in an effort to improve work-life balance.

“Give the employee the choice and not force him to go to the office, not force him to stay at home, then give him the choice to do what he wants any day,” he said. -he declares.

Safe Spaces has hired an epidemiologist to help create protocols to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in public work environments.

Garnier says businesses, especially startups, like the idea of ​​co-working because it’s less of a commitment to real estate than traditional long-term office leases.

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The trend towards remote work should help free up vacant office space for housing, but water is a barrier. | Local News Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:00:00 +0000

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the United States, businesses continue to adapt, and at least one trend appears to be becoming permanent: Many employees will continue to work remotely.

This will likely further reduce local demand for office space, which, even before the pandemic, was already plentiful: Unlike housing, vacant office space has long been plentiful in almost every corner of the county.

That’s why, in June 2019, Monterey City Council voted 4-1 to rezone commercial properties along the south side of Garden Road so that they can be converted into multi-family residential units. By doing so, the city would have a better chance of meeting the state’s target of adding 650 housing units by 2023.

But given the chronic water shortage on the Monterey Peninsula, this plan faced a challenge from the start. Another branch of state government – the State Water Resources Control Board – has a concurrent mandate in the form of a cease-and-desist order that obliges California American Water, the peninsula’s water supplier, to to reduce and limit its use of the Carmel River water. Part of this ordinance states that in the event of a change in the use of an existing water meter, no increase in use is allowed.

This reality has prevented potential developers of the Garden Road residential properties from finalizing their plans in the hopes that the State Water Board will allow an exception to the ordinance.

It comes after the Monterey Peninsula Management District, after working on the proposal for more than a year in concert with local cities, submitted a request to the State Water Board on March 9, asking that the district be allowed to allocate 75 acre-feet of water each year at local projects that include affordable housing.

“This is a real amount of de minimis water that shouldn’t drastically affect the order, but it would allow a developer to make that commitment today and remove that uncertainty,” said Dave Stoldt, director general of MPWMD. By the time the increase in use takes effect, he adds, new water projects may already be completed and the order lifted.

But so far, the district has had no news from the state, and Jackie Carpenter, a spokesperson for the State Water Board, said the agency could not comment on the matter because it would ultimately be decided by the advice.

Meanwhile, developer Brad Slama, who owns three of the commercial properties on Garden Road and plans to convert them into housing, said that unless there are additional water guarantees for affordable housing, it will reduce the number of housing units it offers.

One example he cites, a former gymnasium at 2000 Garden Road, will be reduced from a potential 101 housing units to 59, unless there is a promise of more water credits by now. the end of the year. “Some projects will have to go ahead only with the water credits we have on site, because it takes too long,” says Slama. “I lose money every month they idle, and I can only do it for so long.”

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Eastern Shore Seafood Co. pleads guilty to worker visa fraud Thu, 16 Sep 2021 19:35:01 +0000

The owner of a seafood packaging plant on the River Warwick, just off the Choptank, could face a jail term and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for manipulating the visa program of H-2B worker and hired dozens of undocumented workers.

Phillip J. “Jamie” Harrington III, 50, and his company, Captain Phip’s Seafood Inc., pleaded guilty to federal charges this week. Prosecutors say Harrington manipulated the work visa program by hiring foreign workers for lower paying jobs and then using them for different jobs that should have earned them higher pay.

“Over a period of five years, Captain Phips Seafood and his owners engaged in a calculated pattern of visa fraud which not only deceived the government, but also led to lower wages for their employees,” said the Acting US Attorney Jonathan Lenzner, who prosecuted the case. “Rather than playing by the rules followed by other companies, the defendants manipulated the H2-B visa program with the sole aim of increasing their profits at the expense of their employees and the fair market.”

Captain Phip’s, located in Secretary, Md., Dorchester County, has been shelling and packaging fresh oysters since 1944, according to local business directories. A sister company, Easton Ice, also produces and distributes ice from the location.

Captain Phip’s has filled seasonal positions with Temporary Foreign Workers under the H-2B Worker Visa Program for over a decade. According to the company’s guilty plea, from 2013 to 2018 “Capt. Phip’s willfully submitted false and inaccurate job descriptions to obtain lower effective wages for its foreign workers. Captain Phip’s omissions regarding all of the duties to be performed by his Temporary Foreign Workers led the US Department of Labor to approve Captain Phip’s to pay current wages lower than what would have been allowed had Captain Phip’s provided truthful information. », Declared the public prosecutor.

For example, several Mexican workers were hired in 2016 as ice machine operators, for whom wages were set at $ 11.10 per hour. But the employees were in charge of the oyster production, for which the wage should have been $ 16.96 per hour. The workers were all paid an hourly rate of $ 11.10, regardless of other duties.

Jamie Harrington also pleaded guilty to hiring around 89 people he knew to be undocumented foreign workers for his other businesses during the same 2013-2018 period. Harrington and other family members also controlled Easton Ice, Woodfield Ice Company, Inc., two motels in Ocean City, MD, and a half-dozen other companies known together as the Harrington Companies. Prosecutors said undocumented employees and H-2B visa workers were routinely forced to work for these other companies.

According to prosecutors, Harrington continued to employ several undocumented workers even after knowing they had been subject to removal proceedings by immigration officials because they did not have legal status to be present or work in the United States.

When Harrington and Captain Phip’s Seafood are sentenced on November 23, Harrington faces up to six months in federal prison and a fine of $ 267,000. The company faces up to five years probation and a fine of $ 500,000.

-Meg Walburn Viviano

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“He was born to tell stories:” WJHL team reflects on friendship with former colleague Tim Cable | WJHL Wed, 15 Sep 2021 00:15:29 +0000

JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (WJHL) – The Tri-Cities area continues to mourn the loss of local broadcast legend Tim Cable. His passing had a big impact on our News Channel 11 team, of which Tim was a part for over two decades.

Several long-time members of the WJHL team who worked with him every day at the station wanted to share some of their favorite memories.

“Every time you think of Tim Cable or ask questions about Tim Cable it makes you smile. He made everyone around him smile,” said Paula Jackson, General Manager and Vice President of the WJHL.

Cable was known for his unique, local stories showcasing his favorite people and places through a popular once-on WJHL series titled “Cable Country”.

“Tim wanted to live in a world where you loved your neighbor, you respected everyone who came, no matter who they were, where they were from, what they looked like. Every person was important to him, ”said presenter Josh Smith.

“Tim never treated anyone he interviewed as a subject. They were a person,” said presenter Sara Diamond. “When I saw him do that, I started doing it too. I was interviewing and wondering, how would Tim handle this? “

Tim Cable, known throughout the region for his humor and genuine personality, was the same person when the cameras were off according to his friends, who call him “authentic.”

“The thing I’ll always remember about Tim is his smirk. He had the best smirk in the world, you always knew something was going on in his head. We were always laughing, ”said WJHL photographer Doug Counts.

Many people may not know that Cable often went out on his own to film his stories.

“Today, it’s the norm for everyone to shoot their own story, write their own story, edit their own story. But he had been doing this for decades. He’s been a role model for the new people who came into this business to learn how to do this stuff, ”said WJHL producer David McAvoy.

Cable met his wife Christinia at WJHL, he also forged lasting friendships here.

“Every day when he walked in, my favorite part to watch with him was his interaction with everyone. He has become lifelong friends with a lot of people here at the station. But also, his love for Bob Lewis. They were very close friends, always smiling, always cutting, ”said chief meteorologist Mark Reynolds, thinking back to Lewis, another former WJHL presenter who has passed away.

Although Tim Cable loved news, he also had many other passions, such as football and baseball.

“He loved his sport. He knew his sport, ”said WJHL athletic director Kenny Hawkins. At one point, Cable worked on the sports team alongside Hawkins.

“The one thing he was probably more excited about than sports was Mayberry. The Andy Griffith Show. This guy could tell you any episode, everything that happened in that show, he could tell you about it, just like that, ”Hawkins said.

Cable died of complications from COVID-19. His legacy is forever cemented at WJHL.

“He was born for this job. He was born to tell stories, ”Smith said.

“It came to life on camera. Everyone knew that, ”Jackson said.

“Tim was a community. Tim brought the community to News Channel 11, ”Hawkins said.

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Governor Lamont clarifies order requiring state employees, daycares and school personnel to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 Fri, 10 Sep 2021 23:34:02 +0000

Press Releases


Governor Lamont clarifies order requiring state employees, daycares and school personnel to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Ned Lamont today issued Executive Order No. 13G, which replaces and clarifies his previous Executive Order No. 13D. The ordinance does not change the substance or timelines of the previous ordinance and still requires that all employees in the state of Connecticut and staff at all daycares and preschools in the state receive at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by September 27, 2021. Those who do not get the vaccine due to certain exemptions will need to be tested for COVID-19 every week. However, employees of public hospitals and long-term care do not have the opportunity to undergo testing instead of vaccination.

Executive Decree No. 13G specifies that employees of public hospitals and long-term care include any person employed by or providing services in the following establishments:

  • Albert J. Solnit Center South
  • Whiting Forensic Hospital
  • John Dempsey Hospital
  • Connecticut Valley Hospital
  • Facilities of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

The decree applies to all state employees and contract workers who regularly visit these hospitals or long-term care facilities as defined in Executive Decree No. 13F.

In addition, the ordinance also clarifies the obligation of contractors to verify the vaccination and screening status of workers they supply to state agencies, school boards or daycare centers.

**To download: Executive decree of Governor Lamont n ° 13G

Twitter: @GovNedLamont
Facebook: Office of Governor Ned Lamont

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]]> 0 DONTNOD Entertainment opens new offices with flexible work-from-home policy Tue, 07 Sep 2021 21:45:00 +0000

DONTNOD employees based in Paris and Montreal can now choose between working from home and working in an office environment. This is a permanent system that will last beyond the current pandemic, with the aim of better reconciling professional and private life and offering more flexibility in the organization of work.

As a human-oriented company, it has established itself as an obvious choice to accelerate the implementation of the total remote organization device (FROG), initially conceptualized before the onset of the health crisis. A referendum was organized internally in October 2020 to collect feedback on FROG, which was favored by 87% of DONTNODiens. Maintaining a social link is essential in the age of prolonged teleworking and today remains a real challenge for a studio with more than 250 employees. The well-being of our employees is and has always been paramount, and FROG allows all team members to work in the best possible conditions for them, according to their lifestyles and their ways of working.

“Our teams have shown extraordinary resilience during this period and I would like to thank them for their hard work, dedication and adaptability, which allowed DONTNOD to continue to evolve, and to ensure the successful exit of two games in 2020, Tell Me Why. and twin mirror. The well-being and health of every DONTNODian is a priority and the FROG program is designed with this in mind. We know that everyone has different needs and different ways of working and that is why we wanted to create a program that would give everyone the freedom to choose how they want to organize their daily life. FROG must allow our talents to grow in their professional and personal life “, says Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD.

Employees can choose between remote mode and office mode, with the option to revise their decision at a later stage. Remote mode allows staff to work from the comfort of their own homes with all the equipment and furniture they need, such as chairs, desks, peripherals, etc., all provided by DONTNOD. They can choose to visit the office regularly and use dedicated “flexible” desks. Office mode involves working from the premises with a dedicated configuration and office and comes with a flat rate of remote working days per year. Each mode provides employees with great flexibility and the ability to socialize safely, in turn boosting team morale, creativity and productivity.

“During the crisis, we had to quickly adapt our work processes and our communication tools to ensure efficient organization and continuous connection for all our employees. Although a reflection was made before the health crisis, we realized that teleworking is a way of working. more suitable for some people because it offers a work-life balance adapted to their needs. Thus, we have designed the FROG program to offer the best working conditions, whatever the preferred mode. In addition, this program will allow us to extend our recruitment to all of France and Quebec to find new talent. “, Explains Matthieu Hoffmann, HR Director at DONTNOD.

This better organization of work means that the talent pool has grown considerably and diversified. Colleagues can now live and work from anywhere in France with the Paris office, or anywhere in Quebec with the Montreal office, with the same conditions and benefits as any employee. We are delighted to be able to expand recruitment and welcome the best of the best to DONTNOD.

“The flexibility gained with the FROG program allows us to react quickly to changing expectations and circumstances, which affect employees in both their personal and professional lives. It is at the heart of the work culture that we wanted to foster within the Montreal studio and at the heart of what we want to offer our employees. », Declared Frédérique Fourny-Jennings, General Manager of DONTNOD Montreal.

New offices in Paris and Montreal

The relocation of the Paris office is now complete and has been specially renovated with adaptable working space and conditions in mind to adhere to changing health and safety recommendations as the pandemic progresses, with features like as flexible offices, “bubbles” – to isolate and concentrate or for meetings of two to four people – connected meeting rooms, acoustic improvements, adaptive lighting, possibility for teams to modify the layout of open spaces to meet – or separate – if necessary etc.

Located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, in the Parc Icade du Pont de Flandre, the new office has on-site green spaces, a fitness center, restaurants, a dedicated Happiness Manager … In this way, places of conviviality, entertainment and relaxation will allow all employees to develop in spaces conducive to well-being and discussion.

With a dedicated workspace within Fabrik8, DONTNOD Montreal is located in the heart of the Mile-Ex district. All employees can enjoy a dynamic and inspiring environment that offers many shared facilities and benefits, such as an ice rink, which during the summer months becomes a football and basketball court as well as a huge gym , a ping-pong area, and a cafeteria that serves gourmet and healthy meals.

In order to continue to ensure the safety and health of all, only a limited number of DONTNODiens can currently visit the offices at the same time. A gradual voluntary return to work is underway and will be adjusted as the crisis evolves.

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“Xiangqi” box office earnings set for record-breaking Workers’ Day weekend – deadline Fri, 03 Sep 2021 19:55:53 +0000

Friday noon update: It will always be a record-breaking Labor Day weekend, but how high exactly?

At this early stage, we can tell you that Disney/wonderThe Destiny Daniel Cretton movie Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring We’re aiming for $ 25 million today, including a preview of $ 8.8 million last night. It will be the third highest first day after the Covid era Black Widow$ 39.5 million, and F9$ 29.9 million. XiangqiIt costs around $ 60 million for three days and could be in the mid to high range of $ 60 million in four days. That is set to be 126% higher than the opening of the previous Labor Day weekend record. Halloween From 2007. It could be even higher, but tomorrow morning we will have a better idea. This is a quote from the industry, not from Disney. Xiangqi He’s been up for over 4 days at a hefty price tag of $ 50 million, get it right, it’s still a national soundtrack record. Overall, even by pre-pandemic standards, it’s an amazing Labor Day weekend and one of the best we’ve seen this year. Exhibitors have a lot to thank here, as Disney has. Xiangqi In the 45-day theater day window. PostTrak’s first audience release shows all five stars of the first Asian-American superhero movie Marvel with a new audience score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Hero Nation Podcast: ‘Shang-Chi’ Star Simu Liu and Director Destin Daniel Cretton Create Marvel Celebration of Culture and Representation

“Legend of Xiangqi and Tenring”

Social media analytics company Relish Mix displays a social chat with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube views, Twitter reach of 387.2 million, “26% above pre-Covid standards.” Balance and high virus spread rate of 28: 1.

RelishMix reports: The villain he faces. Fans of Korean boy group Got7 are enthusiastic sons sewn onto the soundtrack eagerly from bandmate Mark Tuan (seen at the Hollywood premiere) and Jackson Wang. Jackie Chan claims that he also stands out as he is revered as a pioneer in this genre. “

Social media stars include Awkwafina and her 2.1 million fans, 1.1 million Simu Liu, 1.5 million Fala Chen and 691K Florian’Big Nasty ‘Munteanu. In the Mix offers strong fan engagement including Tuan with 19.1 million fans, Parisian DJ Snake with 16.4 million fans, music videos, photos and trailer release Rich Brian 6.7 million. Is a major artist of the soundtrack.

Golf Cart Travel Messages Around Studio Lot in Awkwafina Xiangqi Instagram’s handle has been played over 101,000 times:

Spider-Man: No Path Home
“Spider-Man: No Way Home”
Sony Pictures

Exhibition industry analysis firm Ent Telligence says early public occupation is now Xiangqi 69% of men and 31% of women are bent over. 78% are not family members, 14% are family groups and 8% are teenage groups. The studio that followed Xiangqi Last night, Ent Telligence’s impressions surpassed 600,000. The highest admission ticket prices were $ 15.30, $ 17.30 and $ 16.03 from LA, NY and SF, respectively. .

In the trailer of these photos Xiangqi, There is a recent one from Sony Spider-Man: No Path Home Limited to Legal and CPX, to come Venom: let there be carnage Appears in AMC, Cinemark, and many legal theaters. Disney is also bringing an all-new take on MCU fans Eternals It will arrive as an attachment in 2 minutes and 58 seconds. And with an unexpected twist, Lionsgate gave audiences the 1995 sci-fi classic from Mamoru Oshii. ghost in the shell, Released on September 17th, it will be specially remastered for 4K and also screened on Imax.Lions Gate Xiangqi Roland Emmerich’s new trailer for the February 4, 2022 release, Falling moon. Heard Universal is aiming for a 37-7 second trailer Kill Halloween He encourages fans to see the film on the big screen. The spot is currently being staged at Cinemark, Marcus and the National Amusements.

We will notify you as soon as there is an update.

Friday morning update: For pandemics, Disney / Marvel Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring I posted a solid preview Thursday night, especially before the Labor Day box office ended. It was $ 8.8 million since the time of the show which started at 6 p.m. On the high side, that number is higher at the start of Universal on Thursday night. F9, It posted $ 7.1 million before placing $ 29.9 million, the second best first day in the pandemic (previews made up 24% of that) and $ 70 million, the second best weekend. ..

Heard the ticket pre-sales are early F9 When quiet place part II, So XiangqiThursday makes sense.

The question is how Thursday will be preloaded for the rest of the weekend. There are high hopes that this film will become a possible sleeper for September. The Marvel Cinematic Universe title of Fate Daniel Cretton will be released in 4,300 locations today. Global launches are estimated at between $ 90 million and $ 100 million. The national Labor Day weekend opening record started at $ 30.6 million in four days in 2007. Halloween.

XiangqiThursday Black Widow$ 13.2 million, 2nd overall in Covid preview. Now, note that it comes back to the product before anyone comes out to defend the movie date and date model (Scarlett Johansson’s movie hit Disney + Premier on day one), and Black Widow It was a highly anticipated Marvel movie that took place throughout the pandemic. Xiangqi A deeper space MCU and a new hero with a big screen. When the subject is clicked, the audience will discover this film. Black Widow The biggest first days of the pandemic and the weekend were $ 39.5 million and $ 80.3 million, respectively. Black WidowThursday evening represented 33% of Friday’s opening.

Separately, in a Fandango poll of 1,500 moviegoers earlier this week, 90% were eagerly awaiting Simu Liu’s performance as Xiangqi, and 89% were Asian Americans. Excited to see the first MCU movie he directed, 88% wanted to see how the film continued Marvel’s Phase 4 storyline.

Why is Disney showing a movie on Labor Day weekend? He is famous for his low income at the summer box office. In essence, they’re the philosophy that Marvel movies can be opened anywhere on the timeline. Warner Bros. has extracted great wealth in horror films in post-day work settings this (September record $ 123.4M), It Chapter 2 ($ 91 million) Religious ($ 53.8 million). They will have James Wan Smart Next weekend at the movies and its streaming service HBO Max. The challenge is that they cover the spoilers of the marketing campaign films.

Many people in the industry are trying to defeat a pandemic if it is insufficient or of substandard quality. Xiangqi This week-end. But remember, it’s Labor Day weekend, by pre-pandemic standards. Xiangqi It is a success. With Warner Bros. at this time, next to last year Principle, We are light years ahead. New York and Los Angeles weren’t open a year ago. Maybe many in the United States didn’t really know that cinemas were reopening anywhere. Christopher Nolan’s film grossed $ 11.6 million in four days.

“Xiangqi” box office earnings set for record-breaking Workers’ Day weekend – deadline

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Largest employers of black workers in USPS guilty of wage theft Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:52:16 +0000

Source: Bloomberg / Getty

NOTews broke on Tuesday as the U.S. Postal Service has widespread problems with salary theft. Many blacks have a family member or friend who has worked for the post. The post office has long been one of those “good government” jobs with solid pay and benefits, creating greater economic opportunities for black workers.

Black postal workers, like Josh Dubose, account for almost 25 percent of the workforce of the Post. Dubose was one of many employees interviewed as part of a collaborative investigation by te Center for Public Integrity, Univision and The Associated Press, to uncover systemic salary theft within the agency.

Digging deep into arbitration files, investigators found that over a nine-year period, about 250 managers in 60 post offices were changing workers’ reported hours so that they were paid less. In some cases, people who never received a paycheck needed one of the three major postal unions to intervene.

Supervisors who cheated were rarely disciplined – often receiving only a warning or more training. In four cities, arbitration documents show, post office managers continued to change timesheets after promising union leaders that they would arrest, ”the report reads in part.

The survey also found that since 2005, the agency has been cited 1,150 times for this question. In some cases, employees were reimbursed less than what was due to them due to negotiations with the agency.

As the most trusted federal agency in the United States, the news about the Postal Service is disappointing. A survey carried out in 2020 by the Pew Research Center showed that the The postal service had the highest net preference federal agencies.

Despite service delays and rising prices, the postal service enjoyed bipartisan support, with 91% of respondents viewing the quasi-federal agency favorably. Financial difficulties resulting from a combination of political decisions and mismanagement at the top led to the agency.

The post has not made a profit for 15 years. But that’s no excuse to steal the wages and labor of hard-working staff members.

Reports of salary theft and pressure on managers to cut expenses like overtime are part of the problem of forcing the post office to operate as a for-profit business. Salary theft is nothing new. A 2019 study of the National Labor Law Project estimated that low-wage workers in the private sector, who are disproportionately blacks and Latinos, were robbed of $ 12.6 billion in wages that year.

See also:

Study: Working from home, a mixed bag for black workers

Equal representation of black workers in U.S. businesses could take 100 years, study finds

Trump appoints Crony as head of postal service ahead of election, where postal ballots are more important than ever


61 photos

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Why women need the office Sat, 28 Aug 2021 00:00:00 +0000

IIT’S A universally recognized truth that women carry a heavier burden than men when it comes to childcare and household chores. This has become even truer over the course of the pandemic work-from-home experience and is expected to continue into the likely hybrid future of partial-distance work. It’s tempting for some women to move away from the office again, if their business allows it, so that they can devote time otherwise wasted traveling or chatting in the office on more urgent family matters. According to a study by Nicholas Bloom of Stanford University and colleagues, 32% of American women with a university education and with children want to work remotely full-time, compared to 23% of comparable men.

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Such decisions are quite understandable, not least because in addition to having more responsibilities at home, the plight of working women is not a picnic either. Female executives often end up playing the conventional male and female roles, leading the pack while nurturing those who remain. It can be tedious to have multiple things at once.

Understandable, but still regrettable. Some reasons are trivial. Your columnist, female guest Bartleby, finds the office a welcome break from the endless chores of housekeeping and parenting. Other reasons are mercenaries. A pre-pandemic work-life balance study suggested that women were more likely than men to experience a “flexibility stigma”.

In the wake of covid-19, flexible working arrangements are less stigmatized (for now). A recent UK government report warned that their adoption may be unequal between the sexes. If more women work from home and take on an even greater share of family responsibilities, the result may be an ever-widening gender pay gap and an ever-tougher glass ceiling.

There’s another more elusive reason why women who don’t return to the office are missing something. Not all workplaces are as informal as The Economist‘s (with his tongue-in-cheek humor and talks about muscle tone and QE, alcohol consumption and equity risk premium). Yet even in more boring corporate environments, walking down a hallway, washing your hands in the bathroom, or brewing another cup of coffee in the kitchen, you’re only seconds away. ‘a conversation or a joke. This can, admittedly in an unreliable and difficult to measure way, stimulate spontaneity and lead to new ideas.

Compared to that, virtual collaboration is like evaporated milk with 60% of its water removed: safer, especially up to the job but a sterile version of face-to-face interaction that leaves an unsatisfying aftertaste. Physical proximity carries higher risks (formerly death or injury by an enemy, now face-to-face snub, more painful than a nasty tweet, or covid-19 infection). It also brings higher rewards including emotional ones which are no less important than the pragmatic type.

Although times have changed, many workers, including Bartleby, find themselves sympathizing with Irina, one of the titular “Three Sisters” in Anton Chekhov’s 1900 play. Locked with her two siblings in the countryside , she longs for Moscow – not just its dynamism and worldliness but the opportunity it offers for work. His frenzied desire to work reflects an attempt to escape the boredom of domestic service and invest life with meaning by imposing a framework and a sense of responsibility. Many modern executives, men and women alike, would recognize Chekhov’s belief that being prevented from working is a curse, not a blessing. The same goes for being safe from the office, despite its myriad of complications.

There are downsides to being a clinically effective flexiworker. They include letting go of daily jokes and the feeling of bonding with colleagues, many of whom double as friends. Women determined not to waste a single minute when they could be multitasking will give up more than just career advancement, important as that is. They also let go of a sense of connection with others. Hyper-efficiency and distance mean less possibilities for interpersonal tensions but also less gratuitous joy, which is difficult to reproduce on Zoom.

These brief moments of joy are an integral part of professional life. It is nowhere and everywhere, like seeing the Virgin Mary in a burnt toast. It is to be cherished precisely because it does not last. Bartleby recommends wasting precious minutes, here and there, on camaraderie and unnecessary joy. The cost, in the tedious aspects of office life, is tolerable. The returns, both emotional and practical, can be immense.

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This article appeared in the Business section of the print edition under the headline “Why Women Need the Office”

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Home office: Some workers in the United States keep four jobs | Life Mon, 23 Aug 2021 23:35:51 +0000

The longevity of the pandemic leads some employees to question their professional future. – ETX Studio

NEW YORK, August 24 – Workers in the service sector (clerical and administrative jobs) use the site to try to combine multiple jobs.

Out of boredom or fear of being made redundant, they test the limits of their productivity to double or even triple their wages.

The long duration of the current pandemic has prompted some employees to question their future.

Some are bored working from home, others do not want to return to the office, while still others are afraid of being made redundant or of finding themselves in industries affected by the pandemic and facing layoffs.

In order to get out of current, less than desirable situations, a community of “overworkers” has been formed in the United States.

Coming mainly from the technology, banking and insurance sectors, these employees hold two jobs, as reported by Rachel Feintzeig, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

“With rumors of an impending layoff, I started my exit plan,” Isaac writes on Overemployed, the site he created. “After months of struggling to interview, I landed a job offer … That’s when the idea of ​​a community of overemployed was born.

A community that has spread to the social network Discord, where nearly 5,560 people share tips and stories about their new life as a multi-worker.

Numerous studies of working from home suggest that employees feel more productive overall in such an environment.

A recent survey conducted by the Ten Spot platform of 2,000 people working from home since the start of the pandemic reveals that nearly half feel more productive while working remotely. Productive and organized enough to do two jobs?

US $ 300,000 in additional income

If we are to believe the many testimonies, multi-work is a delicate and sometimes delicate exercise.

“Earlier this week I was presenting a job, the second job was standing. I got to myself and couldn’t speak, so I was muted on my phone. I reactivate and reactivate the sound several times. And then ask in the chat? Can’t you hear me? I completely avoided speaking during the meeting, ”says one of the members of the Discord group.

But of course, this exercise also brings benefits. A double job means a double salary.

Further down on the Orvemployed website page, the creator explains that he earned an additional US $ 300,000 in income, “income that I would have given up if I had just quit my job.”

The discovery of this method prompted some members to look for other types of work depending on the pay of the position: “I was looking for accountant positions, but now I am looking for well-paid teleworker and senior accountant positions. said another Discord member.

Other workers caught in the cycle hold up to three jobs and even aim for a fourth. – ETX Studio

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