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The Carroll County Board of Commissioners is now accepting applications from residents to serve on the new Police Accountability Board and County Administrative Billing Committee. Online applications are due by 4:30 p.m. on June 17.

Commissioners on May 5 approved a resolution to create a local police accountability committee and an administrative charging committee, stipulating that members must not have charges pending, or have been found guilty, in court. federal or state, of a felony punishable by imprisonment for more than one year and received a term of imprisonment for more than one year, except for a pardon.

In 2021, the Maryland General Assembly directed each county in the state to create a local police accountability board and an administrative charging board to adjudicate police disciplinary matters.

Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees said he doesn’t believe the county needs a police accountability board, but the state has asked commissioners to create one by July 1 .

“I disagree with the whole concept,” DeWees said during an April 21 meeting of commissioners. “We have no police misconduct in Carroll County. We receive very few complaints per year.

DeWees said if there were to be a board of directors, members would have to be carefully vetted and anyone who had an adverse interaction with law enforcement should not be eligible to participate.

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The commissioners will select five county residents to serve on the accountability board. Up to two members may be former law enforcement officers who have retired in good standing and two members will be selected from a list of names from the county chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.

The county must also create an administrative charge committee, which will be responsible for reviewing internal police investigations into alleged officer misconduct and determining whether an administrative charge is appropriate. If a charge is appropriate, the committee will hold a public hearing and make a recommendation.

The Chairman of the Police Accountability Board will be a member of the Administrative Charges Committee. The Commissioners will appoint two civilian members to this committee and the Police Accountability Board will appoint two additional civilian members by majority vote.

Details of the new groups are available in the Boards and Commissions section of the county website.

Interested individuals can apply online at or contact the Boards and Commissions Coordinator at [email protected] or 410-386-2043.

Questions can be directed to County Attorney Tim Burke at [email protected]

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