Business group sends “wish list” to new admin

The Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) has submitted a wish list to President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. containing programs for the economy and society at large.

The group identified policy and program support and public investment as two of the new administration’s most important priorities.

“We need an investment-friendly environment if we are to succeed in attracting greater and more diverse job-creating investment so that more Filipinos are profitably and productively employed, so that employment in the is only a choice for our workers, rather than a necessity The enabling environment includes adequate infrastructure, labor market and employment policies, fiscal and financial sector policies, justice and the rule of law,” said MAP’s new president, Rogelio Singson.

In education, the MAP recommends the creation of a second education commission to develop a clear roadmap out of the learning crisis that will pursue fundamental reforms, ensure public-private complementarity, institutionalize lifelong learning and will be based on international best practices and new knowledge in neuroscience. .

The group also called for the return of face-to-face classes, teacher development, cooperation between academic institutions, and industry participation in K-12 higher education.

With respect to health care, MAP recommends overhauling the leadership and management of the Philippines health insurance system (PhilHealth); scale up nationwide programs to address child hunger, malnutrition and stunting; and establish a National Recovery and Resilience Council (NRRC) and a

Health Security Council (HSC), which will be led by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).

The group also asked the new president to conclude the agricultural consolidation by declaring the completion of the agrarian reform and lifting the land ownership ceilings on agricultural land.

Regarding trade, the MAP calls for a policy environment that promotes the level of competition, reduces the costs of doing business and encourages productivity-enhancing innovation, calling in particular for the immediate ratification of the partnership agreement Comprehensive Regional Economic Development (RCEP) and other trade agreements and the creation of a new Philippine Export Development Plan to close the country’s large export gap with its ASEAN peers.

Other suggestions include updating and/or developing industry roadmaps, developing a high-level government body or public-private partnership (PPP) arrangement; the establishment of a national supply chain “control tower” to monitor demand and supply conditions; encourage businesses to embrace digitization, among others.

The group also reminded the new administration to maintain the gains of the Build, Build, Build program which is currently facing tighter budget constraints which have been brought about by the massive costs of managing the pandemic and its impact on jobs. and livelihoods.

On energy challenges, MAP is mobilizing to support the expansion of grassroots renewable energy projects by exploring how to de-risk these projects to encourage and enable private investment and develop new sources of indigenous natural gas and to lower cost with the necessary infrastructure investments.

Equally important are digital transformation policies, in particular the establishment of a secure national broadband network; fully implement the national identification system; and promote the use of digital payments and digital documents as an acceptable means of compliance.

The group also promotes the adoption of integrated water resources management principles to ensure water security and access to safe drinking water for all while trying to privatize inefficient water distribution systems.

On work-related concerns. MAP suggests institutionalizing work flexibility for quick employment and making work-from-home arrangements available to all businesses.

On the tax and financial level, the MAP recommends a review of the tax regime for micro and small enterprises to promote their viability and thus broaden the tax base, as well as the completion of the overall tax reform program.

MAP said the new administration should always uphold justice and the rule of law if business confidence is to be maintained and if the general population is to live in an atmosphere of peace and security.

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