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Jaipur: The bundi The administration arranged a free bus service for around 200 students from Barundhan village to attend a public school across the Ghoda Pachad River.
Three days ago, TOI had pointed out how students in the village miss classes every monsoon because the water in the river rises above the danger level and they have only a dilapidated boat to make the perilous return trip to their school across the river.
The administration took note of the story titled “No boat, no school for students in Bundi village during monsoon”, published on July 28, and collective efforts were made for students to travel by completely safe. A bus will now take pupils from the village to school across the river over a bridge about 15 km from the village.
“The bus will do 2-3 rounds every day or until the last student is dropped off at school. Not a single student from the riverside village will now miss class due to lack of transport,” Ravindra GoswamiBundi collector, said.
He also asked the villagers to register the boat with the local body to make it eligible for financial assistance (for repairs, etc.) from the administration.
Goswami said that as directed by the state government, the administration will ensure that none of the students in the area will face any inconvenience in attending school.
Sharing details of a proposed bridge over the river, closer to the village than the current one, Goswami said a proposal for the bridge had been sent to the state government under a special scheme.

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