Bruce County seeks new General Manager

Bruce County Council must find a new Administrative Director (CAO). Current CAO Sandra Datars Bere has announced plans to appoint the City of St. Thomas as the new City Manager.

She will be stepping down from her position in Bruce County at the end of 2021. Datars Bere began managing Bruce County in May 2020.

A press release said Datars Bere has successfully guided the municipality through the timeline of the pandemic while continuing to improve essential services through initiatives related to fiscal responsibility, healthcare, growth community and economic development.

Director Janice Jackson said, “On behalf of the entire county, I would like to thank CAO Sandra Datars Bere for her public service and leadership which has helped us meet the challenges of the community.
Covid pandemic19. Sandra has helped lay the groundwork for modernization, good governance and people-centered support for our community. We wish Sandra the best of luck in her new role.

CAD Sandra Datars Bere added, “Thank you to my colleagues in Bruce County. It has been a privilege to work with this motivated group of board and staff, supporting a healthy and strong community during these difficult times. Thank you also to the business community, residents and caregivers of Bruce County. Under the talented Bruce County leadership team, I see continued success and a bright future.

Bruce County Council will be discussing and making decisions on the next steps in the management of the county in the days and weeks to come.

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