As Quarles & Brady shrinks office space, brokers scramble to attract new tenants and add amenities at 411 East Wisconsin Center

When business law firm Quarles & Brady informed Colliers last summer that it would be exercising a clause in its lease allowing it to vacate one of its eight floors at 411 East Wisconsin…

When the business law firm Quarles & Brady informed Necklaces last summer that it would exercise a clause in its lease allowing it to vacate one of its eight floors in the 411 East Central Wisconsin Building In downtown Milwaukee, real estate firm brokers found themselves with a project in hand. Built in 1984, the 30-storey building belongs to Middleton Partners, a Chicago-based private equity group. Colliers handles leasing and property management of the building. In the new world of hybrid working hours, Quarles & Brady is also working to sublet on 29and and 30and floors he currently occupies in the building, has had a lease there since 1985. Colliers had to find a way to modernize approximately 22,000 usable square feet of dated office space on the 23rd floor of Building 411 (the floor vacated by Quarles & Brady) into something that would appeal to new tenants. Recently, the company announced that it had signed lease agreements with Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Inc. for a lease of 8,734 square feet of floor space, and Geneva Capital Management, LLC, which signed an agreement of 4,578 square feet. Federal Defender Services will vacate the federal courthouse building in downtown Milwaukee, while Geneva Capital will vacate its space in the 100 East building at 100 E. Wisconsin Ave., which is in foreclosure. As it works to prepare the space for new tenants, Colliers has partnered with InStudio Architects to transform the remaining 8,720 square feet of Building 411’s 23rd floor into a 4,000-5,000 square foot specification suite. and an 846-square-foot common space that will include a conference room, lounge area, mothers’ bedroom and small meeting spaces. The hope is that the common space will appeal to both potential tenants on the 23rd floor or anyone else looking to rent space in the building, said Joe Moritz, senior real estate adviser at Colliers. The company is also renovating the elevator lobby, hallways and restrooms on the 23rd floor. The new floor design was partly driven by Federal Defender’s space selection. “The way they expressed their preferences gave us a large indoor section, which was difficult to rent, so we decided to make it a common space. (They) were a kind of catalyst for the ground to become as it is. They got to see the vision for the space,” Moritz said, adding that the new amenity space will be open to everyone in the building. It’s a decision, he said, that could help attract tenants to the specific space and the remaining 3,500 square feet on the 23rd floor of building 411, because they know they won’t necessarily have need space for a conference room or additional meeting spaces. The approach is something Colliers hopes to replicate on its 19th floor, which is also currently vacant, and other floors, between the 12th and 23rd floors, which also have a fair amount of vacancy, he said. declared. Moritz said he expects Federal Defenders and Geneva Capital to move into their spaces in April, with the common amenities space available to all tenants in the building in May. Spec space should be done in June or July, he said.

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