Andrew Chong gave up his job at a law firm for a parallel resume writing job that earned him $ 400,000

How a 27-year-old office worker quit his job at a law firm to write a resume, which earned him $ 400,000 in 18 months

  • Andrew Chong, 27, quit his job at a law firm after writing $ 200,000 resumes
  • He started writing resumes for job seekers during Covid last year
  • Mr. Chong started writing resumes for $ 5 and now charges up to US $ 100
  • His secondary activity allowed him to earn 200% more than his salary in his law firm

A Sydney man who quit his job at a law firm to devote himself to resume writing made $ 400,000 in just 18 months.

Andrew Chong, 27, worked as a lawyer in a law firm, which earned him $ 120,000 a year.

The budding entrepreneur had dabbled in a number of side activities, selling shirts, teaching dance, and providing marketing services to small businesses.

When they didn’t all get started, he focused on writing resumes for job seekers.

And the business venture has paid off with the young businessman inundated with clients since mid-2020. He now has a team of 15 people who help write thousands of resumes for people across the world.

Andrew Chong, 27 (pictured) was working as a lawyer at a law firm when he started writing resumes for job seekers last year.

“I started writing CVs for $ 5 which is pretty crazy, and now the average CV is around US $ 100,” he said.

“I always knew that there would be a lot of money in writing a resume just by looking at how well other people were doing.

“These guys in the back were making a lot of money just based on the price they were charging and the number of clients they had.

“That’s when I thought ‘I’ll try’ and it worked,” he said with a laugh.

When the pandemic hit, Mr Chong signed up with Fiverr, a global freelance services marketplace, where he offered to write resumes for job seekers.

His side business's success saw Mr. Chong (pictured) quit his $ 120,000-a-year job at a law firm after earning $ 200,000 a year writing resumes

His side business’s success saw Mr. Chong (pictured) quit his $ 120,000-a-year job at a law firm after earning $ 200,000 a year writing resumes

Mr. Chong said his profile was listed for at least a month with no activity before things started to “explode.”

“It started to explode from mid-2020,” he said.

“Most of it was just from Fiverr’s algorithm that rewards people for good quality, and I happened to write very well apparently.”

Mr. Chong was quickly “overwhelmed” with his workload as orders piled up.

Finally, it brought in other people and now has a team of 15 who have written 3,000 CVs for clients in 87 countries.

The unprecedented success has allowed Mr. Chong to realize a total income of $ 400,000, of which he takes half for himself.

Mr. Chong quit his job at the law firm in September after realizing that he was earning more than 200 percent of his salary from his side job.

He said his resume writing business grossed around $ 100,000 in the last half of 2020, while this year it made $ 300,000.

Mr. Chong believes the company is set to earn the same amount next year.

He encourages anyone interested in pursuing a sideline to stick with their guns and make sure it’s something they’re good at.

“Hold onto your strengths, whatever you’re not good or average at, outsource it,” he said.

“Find out what you’re best at, then do what you’re best at. This is the only way that has worked for me.

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