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Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officers Rohini Sindhuri and Shilpa Nag were transferred by the government of Karnataka days after becoming involved in a power struggle. “Rohini Sindhuri Dasari, deputy commissioner of Mysuru district, Mysuru is transferred with immediate effect and assigned until further notice as commissioner of Hindu religious and charitable foundations,” the notification issued by the government of Karnataka said on Saturday. ANI news agency reported.

Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Commissioner Shilpa Nag, a 2014 Batch IAS Officer, was also transferred with immediate effect and was appointed Director (Electronic Governance) Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (RDAPR) until see you again, the agency reported.

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Dr Bagdi Gahum, the Additional Trade Tax Commissioner for Bangalore, has now been appointed Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru “with immediate effect” and will replace Rohini Sindhuri. And, Lakshmikath Reddy will be the new commissioner of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC).

Shilpa Nag on Thursday announced her resignation from Indian administrative services citing “harassment” and “humiliation” and said she could not work in a “suffocating environment”. Nag apparently referred to Rohini Sindhuri, Mysuru’s deputy collector and an officer of the 2009 batch, who was criticized by several political leaders, including those of Janata Dal (secular) or JD (S) and of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ruling.

“With deep sadness and regret, I hereby submit my resignation to the Indian Administrative Service. I humbly ask you to accept this and relieve me of my moral dilemma, pain and sorrow for the sacrilege of sacred service that we have taken an oath to serve and protect, ”Nag said Thursday.

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Rohini Sindhuri said in a statement Thursday that she had only requested details of documents related to Covid-19, including spending of CSR funds during Covid, from Nag, which did not constitute harassment. “It is not for me to continue to react to every allegation,” Sindhuri said on Friday.

People familiar with developments said Sindhuri was targeted for failing to “obey” politicians and their demands for the award of works contracts to people related to them, as well as for refusing the possibility of usurping government land for various projects.

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The appointment of Rohini Sindhuri as the deputy collector of Mysuru met with opposition from the (secular) leader of Janata Dal, Sa Ra Mahesh. Mahesh launched personal jibes in Sindhuri, saying the district needed “model officers” and not “role models” as he addressed a press conference on May 2.

Sindhuri has also been accused of ignoring calls for help from her colleague in Chamarajanaga, where 24 Covid-19 patients are believed to have died due to lack of oxygen. However, a report after an investigation into the incident indicated that there was no clear obstacle on the Mysuru DC for the supply of oxygen to Chamarajanagar district.

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