Monthly Archives: October 2021

Op-Ed: Bhalla’s administrator has regularly “abused and abused his authority” and should not be rewarded

In an editorial, Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein explains why he believes that the administration of Hoboken mayor Ravi Bhalla has regularly “abused and abused their authority” and therefore should not be rewarded on election day. Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein. Facebook photo. That the Bhalla administration and team have abused and abused its authority for …

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Navigate the cybersecurity implications of remote working

Movies and other entertainment media have popularized the myth of “hackers” who break into secure computer networks only through malicious code. The reality is that most security breaches are only possible due to the theft or obtaining of credentials by opportunistic intruders. Cyber ​​attackers have a variety of methods to …

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Remote work first invades the rich world

October 30, 2021 IN FEBRUARY 2020 Americans spend an average of 5% of their working hours at home. By May, as lockdowns spread, the share had climbed to 60%, a trend that was mirrored in other countries. Many people, perhaps thinking that working from home really meant running away from …

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