Monthly Archives: October 2021

Uber opens new office at Old Post Office

Uber had people on Tuesday to show off its new digs. It was the official ribbon cutting in the company’s sparkling new space at the old post office, where more than 2,000 employees will begin work over the next few days. Uber’s 461,000 square foot space (over four football fields) …

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Over 1,000 Kapelebyong residents displaced by waterlogging: a total of 3,845 crop gardens, especially cassava, peanuts and sweet potatoes, damaged – Uganda

Over 1,300 households have been displaced by waterlogging in Amero Parish in Acowa Sub-county, Kapelebyong District. This was after more than 1,500 residents’ homes were destroyed by waterlogging in the eight villages of Ikobatum, Achanga, Ajesai, Obu-Aiteng, Moru-Isiru, Kokorio, Rogom and Oitu-Osasa. John Peter Eceru, the sub-county disaster manager, said …

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Develop employees for hybrid remote working

This remains a “big blind spot” for too many organizations, writes expert Ben Brooks. When formulating your 2022 HR plans and budgets, have you adapted your learning and development plans and your talent management strategies to properly equip your employees to succeed in hybrid and remote work structures? If you’re …

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