10 Weirdest Things Found On Dunder Mufflin Employee Desks

Since its release in 2005, die-hard fans have had plenty of time to review Office on TV and streaming devices to see their favorite Scranton branch doing what it does best: selling paper and creating hilarious memories. Along the way, fans noticed some funny things about their rewatch, including the background and employee desks.

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While Michael had items such as dumbbells and a safe in his office, the other Dunder Mifflin employees had small comfort items. While most of the workers had cute pictures of family members and plants, others had fun designs, quirky notes, and weird decor.

ten Dwight as the devil

Jim sitting at his computer with a drawing of Dwight

Dwight and Jim were more or less enemies for the majority of their time at Dunder Mifflin. It was a rare occasion where Jim and Dwight joined forces to get something they both wanted. As salespeople whose offices were side by side, Jim liked to spy on Dwight to see what kind of oddities he had lying around. However, it was Jim’s desk that contained the suspicious items.

Not only did he have an ET statue next to his old computer, but he also had a drawing of what appears to be Dwight as the devil. More than that, it has little talking bubbles on post-its next to the Devil Dwight, but they’re hard to read.

9 Dwight’s Beet

Dwight sitting by a beetroot at his desk on The Office

In ‘St. Patrick’s Day,” there’s a quick peek around the desk, and fans couldn’t help but notice two things: a slew of family photos on Dwight’s desk and the solo beet sprouting. next to him.

Dwight has done a lot of boring things in the office, but growing a beetroot under a lamp is the least of everyone’s worries. In fact, putting a plant to work was one of the most enjoyable things Dwight had done in the office. Funnily enough, that was the last we saw of Dwight’s Beet, so it could have been a storyline that never saw the light of day.


8 Angela’s desk is cluttered with figurines

Angela Martin's office with cat toys from The Office

Angela made fun of most of her colleagues in the office and was the source of some of the worst behavior due to her affair with Dwight and her hurtful remarks towards Kevin and Oscar. However, his office was anything but threatening or negative. Angela’s desk was covered in memorabilia of cats and random animal figurines.

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Above the partition that separates his office from Kevin were at least 10 toys. Cats, cows, flowers and birds continued on his desk, surrounding his computer. As an organized woman who doesn’t like clutter or nonsense, it’s odd that Angela’s office is exactly that.

seven Angela’s whiteboard broke the fourth wall

Pam at her desk and a message on the whiteboard about The Office

On the wall near reception that connects to accounting, there’s a whiteboard that doubles as a calendar. While it’s hard to break down what all the squares are saying, fans learned from Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey The ladies of the office podcast that the fifth calendar day broke the fourth wall.

If fans zoom in during the episode “Branch Closing”, the timeline reads “Congratulations everyone on our first (of many) Emmys! Steve got robbed!” Due to the episode airing a few weeks after the Emmys aired, the team felt the message was necessary, according to Mashable.

6 Kevin’s Clown Pencil

A split image of Kevin using a huge pencil on The Office

Kevin Malone hasn’t always made sense to fans, especially since he was a different character in the early seasons compared to later. In the early seasons, Kevin was rather serious, dry, and seemed competent at the job. As the series progressed, however, Kevin was clumsy, spontaneous, and ultimately horrible at his job.

As a silly character, there’s a scene where Kevin was circling some numbers in his book with a huge pencil. From a distance, it doesn’t look like the pencil is usable, but Kevin proves everyone wrong.

5 Andy tried to calm down at work

Andy's office on The Office

After Andy punched a hole in the wall at work, Dunder Mifflin thought it best to send him to anger management before another outburst happened.

When Andy returned to Scranton, he hoped to start afresh. He asked everyone to call him Drew instead of Andy, but it didn’t stick with his co-workers. To keep calm instead, fans noticed two calming devices on her desk. Instead of having a real fishbowl at his desk, Andy had a fake aquarium and a table-sized waterfall for a tranquil vibe.

4 It’s not what’s on Dwight’s desk, it’s what’s on his computer.

Dwight's computer screen on The Office

In “Conflict Resolution”, Dwight tells Jim about a vacancy at one of Dunder Mifflin’s branches in order to get him out of Scranton. While Dwight was searching the company’s website, a Editor noticed an interesting job opening at the Scranton branch: Warehouse Manager.

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It’s interesting because a few episodes before, Jan was mad at Scranton warehouse manager Darryl for trying to start a union. This could mean that Jan opened a position hoping to hire someone to replace Darryl after his dodgy outburst. Luckily Jan never fired Darryl and he continued to work at Dunder Mifflin. Darryl deserved more respect for the amount of work he put in at Dunder Mifflin over the years.

3 A possible Mugshot and a handheld vacuum cleaner

Creed sitting at his desk next to a selfie of himself on The Office

Creed and Meredith are two of the most interesting and mysterious characters in Office. No one is sure what the two do outside of work, or at work for that matter. Creed, in particular, doesn’t even seem to know what he does on a daily basis.

With one look at Creed’s desk, a few oddities became apparent to fans. Not only did Creed have his guitar next to his desk, but he also had a handheld vacuum cleaner. Even weirder, Creed has some kind of photo ID right next to his desk. Viewers know Creed’s identity was questionable, so it’s fun that Creed could potentially have his mugshot out in the open for everyone to see.

2 Kevin’s cactus

Kevin at his desk on The Office

As silly as Kevin was at Dunder Mifflin, he had some of the show’s most relevant quotes. He loved simplicity, good food and games with his friends. His desk reflects his personality, with M&Ms and sports memorabilia lying around his stacks of papers.

However, in a few scenes, Kevin has a new addition to his desk: a cactus. Knowing that Kevin is the kind of character who would accidentally kill a plant, it was smart for the writers to give a plant hard to kill. What’s funnier is the note on the cactus: “Real cactus. Be careful.”

1 Creed’s Money Pile

Creed's office on The Office

Creed’s unique features make it a fan favorite. Even Creed’s quotes are some of the best in the series because they’re usually outlandish and don’t make too much sense.

In one episode, Creed’s extravagant ways continued when he blackmailed everyone for $6 so he could buy himself a portable helicopter. As the cameras turned to Creed searching the internet for his helicopter, a stack of cash can be seen lying near his keyboard. It’s obvious that the money came from his colleagues, but it’s strange that he leaves it lying around instead of stashing it in his drawer.

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